Georgia Income Tax Lawyer

Comprehensive Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Tax Problems

No two tax situations are identical, thus there can be no one-size fits all solution to IRS or state tax issues. This is both because of the particular laws or regulations involved and because of the unique situation and goals of each taxpayer. J. S. LaRose seeks a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the circumstances and concerns of each clent.

Whether facing an audit, attempting to resolve unpaid tax debts, seeking innocent spouse relief, dealing with business or trust fund tax matters, or filing a petition to the U.S. Tax Court, having an experienced lawyer on your side is the best way to protect your interests and your rights.

“Time is of the Essence”

The biggest mistake clients make is to ignore letters from the IRS and delay seeking qualified help. Many do so in the hopes that their IRS problems will just go away. The longer you wait, though, the more it could cost you in the long run. The failure to resolve tax issues early can result in liens, levies or seizures later.

If you receive a letter from IRS or the state department of revenue notifying you that you owe more than you thought,  you should contact an experienced tax attorney immediately. Failure to respond can result in penalties and interest that can quickly pile up while you hesitate.

Dealing with the IRS by yourself can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly. Contact LaRose Law Georgia today, so an experienced tax attorney can quickly determine your best course of action and deal with the IRS or state tax authorities for you.

J.S. LaRose has successfully negotiated penalty waivers, installment agreements and offers in compromise, ultimately saving clients thousands of dollars. Of course, LaRose Law Georgia cannot guarantee such favorable results in every case, but in every case will seek the best legal and ethical solution to your tax problems. There is immense value in the peace of mind that comes when you’ve taken the steps to become compliant with the law.

Save yourself the time, expense and frustration of dealing with tax collectors on your own. Call today or submit your question here and a lawyer will respond within 24 hours! Get the help you need sorting out your income tax situation and getting the IRS off your back!

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